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The usually animated Qian Yunzhuo did not make any playful moves. Instead, he walked up the stage in the conventional way and enjoyed the cheering from the audience.


Achilles has indeed lived up to his reputation as the brain of Saruman Snake. But this battle must have really angered the Soulless battle team, said Si Jiali. Even she and Jondi Lilick had become more solemn. This was no longer a competition, but rather a real battle.


Achilles strode proudly forward after finishing those words. The pride of the Sun God. It was as if the proud Achilles of five years ago had returned.


Bolet had watched the battles more than 10 times. From the instant that Qiqin Nacchai had taken the field, the pace that he thought he controlled had all been encompassed into Wang Zheng’s plan.


The Titans had never doubted it. However, when the Silver Titan appeared, everyone was even more devoted. Mu Sen was even more emotional. As the head of the Elders, he knew more secrets than most people did. The Silver Titan had only appeared once in the history of Tita Star. That was the first time that God had descended and bestowed the primitive Titan with wisdom and strength. Legend said that the second ascension would signify that the Titans would leave Tita Star and walk out to the world.


After another round of interview, Si Jiali gained another Wang Zheng supporter. Wang Zheng had indeed performed extremely well. However, because of his team, just before being annihilated in the glories of Aslan, Arbiter, and Atlantis, the attitudes of the participants once again brought attention back to him.

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Ai Xiaolu also understood. Ai Xiaolu had a distinctive character. When she admired someone and believed that the person could be a good partner, she would want the best for them. It was true for Wang Zheng and Luo Er. Hence, she would consider the benefits for them too. This was the result of the nurturing of the Ai family since her childhood years. She would try her best in this matter. Unfortunately, her support was really limited. Of course, it was the thought that counted rather than whether she could really achieve it.


Wang Zheng was such a fraud. He simply had such charm. Lie Xin could not describe her feelings. She liked him very much, but it was not simply an attraction between a man and a woman. Maybe she was not an ordinary woman to begin with.


Qiankun Zadeh’s killing power continued to rise, and the aura began to solidify. If it could be said that González’s fight was full of ** and still could not be decided, then Qiankun Zadeh would be even more focused. With no regard to reputation or anything else, he would simply kill Wang Zheng, and render him unable to sully Aslan’s dignity any further.


That woman was really capable, but throughout this entire process, she had not thrown her lot in. Yan Xiaosu had to remain calm. As long as he did, Laurel might still act. The moment he showed weakness, a clever woman like Laurel would definitely leave, perhaps even bringing Jasper with her. Even if Jasper stayed, the entire project would have no real use.


The emergency response team dragged Achilles out from the mech. Both his arms were beyond distortion. This was why Menlo had been so confident. Achilles arms were broken just by the mere hack of the axe. There were more than ten fractures in the bones. All Achilles could do was stand up. He could not even move his mech. If Menlo had swung his axe now, everything would be over.


The Storm Swordsman had an energy trajectory. Growl… Lightning curved, teleportation!


Ergas chose the Overlord. It seemed that the Iron and Steel Academy’s preferences were similar. As long as the opponent was not Atlas, Ergas would not need to do his best, and this would plenty of choices in the next two matches.



If he did not strengthen it now, they would be in trouble soon. He could feel it. Wang Zheng stopped momentarily. If now for this momentary stop, trouble might indeed have happened.



A hint of a smile was shown on the corners of his lips, then his Ability X was initiated. This was Lear’s trump card, Swallowing Ability X!


The battle between the Astina Justice battle team and the Light of the Sons battle team was a battle of the titans. The Astina Justine battle team was a traditionally the stronger team. But the Light of the Sons battle team was a roadblock that every team was wary of.


Both the world and Her Royal Highness – the Princess – were not things that mere mortals could desire.

  • On the other hand, Mu Zhens confidence had skyrocketed now. Adas teachings were indeed useful.
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