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Snow Li did not dare to take the risk to attack full force. Her Freeze Ambush, in the Greatest King, also shined. However, this move had not reached the point where with just this move, she could survive anywhere.


Even during the qualifying rounds, basically no one wanted to face the Atlanteans and the Mayans. Not because of any alliances, but rather because their assessing tactics were unusual. Often times, they would sacrifice themselves heavily in order to win.


Cheng Hai was next in the third round of the competition. He was Vincent’s senior and rumoured to be ferocious. Zhang Shan was representing Saruman Snake. Nothing much could be said except to deal with it head-on. Swift Scout pitted against Glass-cannon warrior. Looking at Zhang Shan’s physical strength, his combat experience, and his mental state, coupled with his teleportation Ability X, it was baffling why everyone seemed to think that Zhang Shan was weak. The immediate opponent – Chang Hai – seemed reluctant. Facing an opponent like Zhang Shan – said to be most flexible scout of SIG, any Glass-cannon warrior would seem trivial. Game over.


This was not an alien civilization, but a human one, a super cutting-edge organisation that had no nationality, no government, nor any restrictions. Meng Tian did not understand the existence of such a scary organisation, one which owned such frightening technology and strength yet was absolutely restrained.


Lie Xin’s desire for battle had reached a critical point too. With Lie Xin’s stern character, watching Achilles’ evolution, and even Snow Li’s improvement, she must have been full of spirit and wilfulness. She was undaunted by the opponents, but was terrified of being mediocre.


Wang Zheng was a representative of another dream. He was an unknown youth before he became the strongest king and led the Saruman Snake battle team to invincibility. It was like living a dream.

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The Rune Sword slashed through one energy warrior… unscathed. Instead, the Knight of Holy Light was slashed ferociously continuously.


The reason for choosing the Mad Mob mech was because it was better suited for such flow.


Qiankun Zadeh’s killing power continued to rise, and the aura began to solidify. If it could be said that González’s fight was full of ** and still could not be decided, then Qiankun Zadeh would be even more focused. With no regard to reputation or anything else, he would simply kill Wang Zheng, and render him unable to sully Aslan’s dignity any further.


This was the true use of the Atlanteans’ runes. The rigid use of the runes used by the Phantom King and the Specter King was meant for elementary students.


However, when the Mayans sent out their warriors, it angered Astina. Even the audience was shocked. What was this situation!?


Bolet had watched the battles more than 10 times. From the instant that Qiqin Nacchai had taken the field, the pace that he thought he controlled had all been encompassed into Wang Zheng’s plan.


In truth, even without their urging, Dong Er had already taken an interest in Wang Zheng. But her female reservations had hindered her. She had been worried by this, but now that he had taken the initiative, she did not need to worry about it.



Two options were currently being discussed. One was to send a fleet. The other was to enter from the Saint World. However, neither were great options as there were bound to be sacrifices. However, it would not be possible to ignore the situation. With such a serious situation, it was impossible for the Milky Way Alliance to just ignore it. It was crucial to find out who was behind what was happening.



Sometimes, they wanted them to kill an enhanced Zerg alone, sometimes they did not allow them to use their Ability X. If the mission failed, it would mean death. If they did not comply, it would also mean death. In such a short time, many people had died. Either way, those who survived had either allied or were strong. Humanity was given a cruel test under such devastation.


Lear’s Eternal Aries was a stunningly bright silver. Suddenly, a silver electric light exploded, tearing at Bartley’s momentum. The two forces collided, an even match.


Merte’s energy attack was very swift. For the Mayans, the higher the physical transformation, the better they would be able to coordinate with the mech, At the same time, they could better control the subtleties of the energy.

  • The battlefield of the two mecha. Tactics were of little use to these two. It would be an intense battle between a swordsman and a knifeman.
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