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Zhang Shan and the rest entered the canteen laughing and chatting. But the moment they entered, the entire hall quietened down.


An abundance of energy immediately overflowed as the Rune Sword was drawn. He might seem calm, but Di Maria had learned much from the last two battles.


As always, the Atlanteans sat quietly and appeared as if nothing had happened, and they did not even feel that victory was a big deal. They had merely just completed a mission.


During entanglement, no obvious technique would be involved, except to apply more brute force. The stronger the power, the stronger you were. The stronger the Ability X, the more powerful you were.


There would definitely be opportunities, because this was just the start. As time passed, others would be injured, while food, stamina, and other aspects would start to lag.


As an Earth-rank warrior as well, Eve Litt was still very cautious. This fellow was still holding on to an ability debility. She had no choice but to be careful. When an Earth-rank warrior fought back, it would still be very dangerous.

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For several years now, the Manalasuo Empire had been quite competitive. These sorts of competitive environments were very tiring for the students at the military schools, but it was effective. In comparison, many federations seemed more laidback, claiming democracy and freedom. Of course, there was nothing wrong about this. However, their military strength was declining.


Lie Xin was not interested in such things. Achilles was a weird person too. Wheres Wang Zheng? Is he still zoning out there? Hes also not eating. Is this a starving rhythm?!


For the Dynasty battle team, the first to fight would be Luo Fei. The big screen showed Fatty Luos interview, which caused the whole arena to go crazy with excitement. The spectators gave the unorthodox Luo Fei enough passion.


Finished with the main event, Wang Zheng made his excuse and left. What else was more important than SIG?


Not at all. There was no lack of honour. However, having reached this stage, their sense of honour had not been as strong as imagined. Of course, each contestant represented their own country, but there was still a difference from being in the national team.


This was just a warm up from the very beginning. It did not matter even if the opponent was the Manalasuo battle team.


Nonetheless, this was the final result, and no one could do anything about it. Cheating was not a possibility, since it was drawn in the presence of so many people, including the generals of the different countries, and the ambassadors were present too. Furthermore, she had made the draw with her own hands.



However, he had also forgotten that hidden forces were also a realm. As the oldest family, the Heavenly King family possessed the skill that could bring out the optimal hidden forces.



The entire arena, both inside and outside, was in dead silence. A suffocating power was expanding steadily. Wang Zhengs spinning and Aragorns slaying. The big screens had been panned directly towards the two pilots.


The Ghost Warrior’s forged blade went crushing in squarely. The dark element energy burned like flames on the surface of the mech.


The first rule of battle with the Mayans: never compete with long-range firepower with the Mayans.

  • When Zhang Shan appeared, the arena finally roared with loud cheers.
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